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Vaccination against PRRS

In 1987 Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) was first observed in pig herds in the United States.

PRRSV and other pathogens

PRRSV interacts with other pathogens to cause severe respiratory symptoms in finishing pigs.

Economics of PRRSV infection

The economic impact of an acute PRRS outbreak and endemic PRRS infections.

Control of PRRSV infection

Control is by vaccination, depopulation and test and removal.

IDAL for intradermal application

The advantages of intradermal application of vaccines.

In 1990 the first case of PRRS was reported in Europe. By the early 1990s PRRS become pandemic. To this day the disease causes significant losses in the pig industry due to reproductive disorders and growth retardation.

Economic impact of PRRSV infection in a pig herd

Losses from PRRSV infection is due to decreased farrowing rates, increased pre-weaning mortalities and increased respiratory disease in finishing pigs.

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PRRS control in different pig herds

Vaccination, partial or total depopulation strategies and test or removal or acclimatisation of new animals are all necessary for effective PRRS control in breeding as well as finishing pig herds.

PRRSV infection in both breeding and finishing herds has a significant negative financial impact on the herd.